Stuart & Charlotte's wedding - 5th February 2014

Charlotte wedding013.jpg

On Wednesday of this week I went up to Cameron House along with Graeme as part of Monument Wedding Photography to photograph the wedding of two great friends of mine, Stuart and Charlotte. I’ve been to Cameron House a few times before but never for a wedding… what a beautiful setting to get married! Situated on the banks of Loch Lomond, the hotel is perfect for photography. Lovely big rooms, stunning outside and in, close by to the beach; we were spoilt for choice when it came to ideas for shots.

Charlotte wedding001.jpg

I arrived at 10am and parked beside a huge puddle; testament to the recent extremely wet weather we’d been having recently. I had checked the weather forecast and it didn’t look good for the day; 98% chance of rain so I had set myself up for lots of indoor photography. I headed into the hotel and was pointed in the direction of the room that Charlotte and her bridesmaid Lauren were getting ready in. This was when I realised just how vast this hotel was! The walking distance is one thing but when it came to actually finding your way between the various places we needed to be throughout the day, in hindsight it would have been a good idea to plan our internal journey through the hotel using Google maps.

Charlotte wedding003.jpg

I found my way to the room and Charlotte came to greet me at the door. The hairdresser had just left which gave me plenty of opportunity to get the candid shots that I really like; the conversations between friends, the excitement building, the fine detail shots like the flowers, rings, jewellery and so on. Charlotte’s dress was beautiful; understated and classy and it suited her style perfectly. Lauren had a lovely blue dress and they both looked fantastic. 

Charlotte wedding008.jpg

In between times we headed over to Stuart’s room to meet him and his brother Kevin to get some similar shots. I was amazed at how calm they Stuart and Charlotte were; plenty of smiles showed just how excited they were and that they couldn’t wait for the moment they get married.

Charlotte wedding004.jpg

The ceremony and group photos went very smoothly and as I made my way around the room capturing the moments from different angles, I was loving the results on my review screen. The lighting was perfect and the room was set up in the best way possible. Plenty of room for the photographers to move around whilst being discreet and remaining very much a fly on the wall.

Charlotte wedding011.jpg
Charlotte wedding010.jpg

The weather held up for us for virtually the whole afternoon, allowing us to get a wide variety of outdoor and indoor setups when it came to the formal and group photos.

Charlotte wedding015.jpg

We were delighted to be sitting with the guests for a great dinner which everyone enjoyed, and the ceilidh for the reception was absolutely fantastic. Then again, with Reel Guid playing, it can’t be anything short of a great atmosphere!

Reel Guid PGP.jpg

By the time I got home I was ready for my bed… I was back to work the next day so I didn’t get a lot of sleep but it was so worth it. There’s something truly unique about sharing one of the most special days of a couples life with them in such intimate detail; a feeling that can’t quite be described. Plus, when it’s two good friends of yours it makes it even more special.